There are hundreds of boat shows around the world each year representing all type of vessels, accessories, equipment and all sort of services related to the yachting industry. But do we really need such a long list of yachting events? Well, we definitely do.

The yacht catalogues don’t offer only a display of the product

They also give very good event specials when money can be saved by simply purchasing during the boat show days. Attending a boat show as an exhibitor is not a cheap investment and the more is sold, the better this is the time when you can get a decent discount. Also, consider the fact that if owners have their vessel attend the boat show, it means that they want her seen and sold.

Another awesome thing about yachting events are new launches of yachts and products

It is the best time to get on track with the new trends and keep your yachting knowledge for new products up to date! When we talk about super yacht toys or other accessories, there are limited editions available only during boat shows. Don’t miss the chance to have a uniquely designed toy. Boat shows can be very beneficial if you want to learn more about new technologies in the marine industry, fishing, sailing and a variety of topics more, because seminars and workshops are organized very often during the event days.

And probably the most important reason to visit a boat show is create new contacts

No matter if you are a buyer or a yachting professional, those events broaden your horizons, you meet people from everywhere with interesting yachting backgrounds who can turn out to be great business or friend contact. Boat shows are fun after all it is a place where thousands of yachting aficionados get together to share their love to the industry! And a few small tips – the majority of the boat shows take place in hot locations – don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, take a look at the map when you enter the boat show area, plan your visit to see the most of it.