Wild nature, that is, undeveloped nature, exists separately, without needing anyone, but humans need wildlife, at least to teach us modesty and simplicity. Renting a boat offers us such an image of the landscape.

Landscape with a boat near the shore

The pictures and paintings exhibited here are the result of our work. The artist returns to the classical simplicity of composition. The painting expresses the landscape very conditionally, but at the same time it is inspired by it. Houses built of local stone; trees nailed to the edge of the boat reflect the character of the coastal Alps terrain. The artist deliberately reduced the number of colors in his palette, leaving only the yellowish, brown, grey-blue and green tones to reproduce the full range of this sunny region. In the arrangement of houses, trees, and even grass, the influence of cubism is felt. However, one can especially feel the influence of the ancient, primitive masters of the Italian school of Siena.

We feel emotions

When you are on a boat, you have the impression of getting lost between the leaves and the blue of the sea. But if you think of a rent a boat mallorca, a trip, on a boat or yacht, will certainly divert attention from everyday life. Rent a kayak, have a good time with your beloved or business and enjoy the silence of the water. Relax on a boat in good company, enjoy the fresh air - the perfect plan for a sunny weekend. Perhaps you are looking for an original place to celebrate your upcoming special event? Or maybe you want to surprise your soul mate and enjoy the most exciting moments of your life? Boat rental is an ideal choice. You can invite your closest friends and enjoy the picturesque coastline together.

A gift of a boat or yacht trip will be an excellent activity for you, your family or friends. Have a good time in a breathtaking natural environment!